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Six anti-aging measures for rubber dam bags

Improve the water resistance of dam bag rubberUse more aging resistant materials and formulas, improve processing technology and dam bag mechanism measures. Improve the water resistance of dam bag rubberThe dam bag is immersed in water for a long time and is easily aging due to erosion. This shows that the water medium is a

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How to judge the aging of rubber dam

The so-called aging refers to the comprehensive action and influence of internal and external factors during the processing, storage and use of polymer materials, causing damage to the composition and structure of the polymer material, causing the rubber dam to gradually lose its original excellent performance, and finally Loss of use value, this irreversible change,

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The basic tasks of rubber dam control

The basic task of control application is to make reasonable arrangements to give full play to the comprehensive utilization benefits of the rubber dam project under the premise of ensuring the safety of the rubber dam project. The management unit shall formulate control and operation plans and operating procedures according to the characteristics of the

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