Curved rubber dam

The curved rubber dam is a new type of rubber dam technology derived from the foundation of the arched earth-rock dam. The curved dam belt is structurally innovative. The beauty of its flexible curve is both practical and aesthetic.

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The basic tasks of rubber dam control

The basic task of control application is to make reasonable arrangements to give full play to the comprehensive utilization benefits of the rubber dam project under the premise of ensuring the safety of the rubber dam project. The management unit shall formulate control and operation plans and operating procedures according to the characteristics of the

Rubber dam control system

Rubber Dam Control System We have a mature PLC control system and equipment, which can be integrated with the operating system of other related equipment, and can accurately and effectively control the entire project needs. Even in the event of a power failure, it is largely controllable. The rubber dam can be controlled manually and


The rubber dam anchoring structure is a structure that anchors the rubber dam tape on the foundation floor and end wall to form a sealed tape bag, which is inflated with water or gas to form the dam body and play a water-repellent structure. It is directly related to the safety of the dam bag

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