Pillow rubber dam

Pillow rubber dams are shaped like pillows, and are mainly suitable for low-head, large-span sluices and dams. For example, they are used as gates or movable overflow weirs on reservoir spillways to increase reservoir capacity and power generation heads; they are used as low water heads on rivers. Water heads, large-span rolling dams or overflow weirs can be used without conventional gate hoists, working bridges, etc.; used in canal systems as intake gates, diversion gates, and control gates, which can easily store water and adjust water level and flow ; Used as a wave breakwater or tidal lock along the coast. Because it is not affected by seawater erosion and marine organisms, it has a better effect than metal gates; used for the upstream and downstream gates of ship locks with larger spans; Construction of cofferdams or movable cofferdams, the height of rubber movable cofferdams can be raised and lowered, and can overflow from the top of the weir. It does not need to take soil to build the weir, which can keep the river clean, save labor and shorten the construction period; used in urban garden projects, adopted The colorful dam bags, with beautiful shapes and smooth lines, can add a beautiful scenery to urban construction.

Pillow-type rubber dams are mainly suitable for large-span river projects, used as low-head, large-span dams or overflow weirs on the river, which can easily store water and adjust the water level and flow; used for wave breakers or barriers along the coast Tide gates, because they are not affected by seawater erosion and marine organisms,

During the overflow operation of the rubber dam surface, the dam bag will vibrate, tremble, and vibrate; the main cause of the dam bag vibration when the dam bag collapses and overflows or the negative pressure is generated by flood discharge. The spoiler set on the dam bag body will form an empty space between the dam bag and the spoiler when the water flows over the spoiler.


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The basic tasks of rubber dam control

The basic task of control application is to make reasonable arrangements to give full play to the comprehensive utilization benefits of the rubber dam project under the premise of ensuring the safety of the rubber dam project. The management unit shall formulate control and operation plans and operating procedures according to the characteristics of the

Rubber dam control system

Rubber Dam Control System We have a mature PLC control system and equipment, which can be integrated with the operating system of other related equipment, and can accurately and effectively control the entire project needs. Even in the event of a power failure, it is largely controllable. The rubber dam can be controlled manually and


The rubber dam anchoring structure is a structure that anchors the rubber dam tape on the foundation floor and end wall to form a sealed tape bag, which is inflated with water or gas to form the dam body and play a water-repellent structure. It is directly related to the safety of the dam bag

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