Rubber Dam

Pillow rubber dam

Pillow rubber dams are shaped like pillows, and are mainly suitable for …

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Slope rubber dam

The slope rubber dam has a straight and beautiful appearance. When the …

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Curved rubber dam

The curved rubber dam is a new type of rubber dam technology …

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Damping rubber dam

Due to the variable state of the flow rate of the passing …

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Gas shield rubber dam

The air shield rubber dam is a new type of gate that …

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Book spine rubber dam

The shape of the book-spine rubber dam is like a book structure. …

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Drifting rubber guardrail

Drifting rubber guardrail

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The rubber dam anchoring structure is a structure that anchors the rubber …

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Rubber dam control system

Rubber Dam Control System We have a mature PLC control system and …

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Qingdao Qinhai Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that designs, manufactures and sells environmental protection products such as rubber dams, inflatable rubber dams, air shield dams, landscape spoiler rubber dams, and book spine rubber dams. It is capable of contracting major domestic and foreign major water conservancy projects. Supply Capacity!
The company has a complete set of service systems: including the preliminary engineering cost consultation, exploration, design, mid-term on-site construction, product production, on-site installation training and later follow-up services, etc., which are closely linked to the project progress and ensure the construction period !


The company successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification

Qingdao Qinhai Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification! Quality first, customer first, has always been the unremitting pursuit of …

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Six anti-aging measures for rubber dam bags

Improve the water resistance of dam bag rubberUse more aging resistant materials and formulas, improve processing technology and dam bag mechanism measures. Improve the water …

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How to judge the aging of rubber dam

The so-called aging refers to the comprehensive action and influence of internal and external factors during the processing, storage and use of polymer materials, causing …

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Rubber Dam Installation

Provide scientific system planning and design

Relying on its own strong technical advantages and the scientific research strength of relevant cooperative institutes, the company can provide scientific design and professional technology for rubber dam project planning, dam bags, anchoring structures, control systems and safety observation devices, dam foundation civil engineering, and construction. .

The company assists in the construction of the rubber dam project​

Assisting in guiding the installation of products before the rubber dam installation and construction time specified in the contract, the engineering staff and the customer’s engineering staff will check and confirm the pre-construction preparations.

Cargo freight

The company has a fixed cooperative relationship with many logistics companies to ensure that the company’s goods can arrive at the construction site quickly, on time and intact.

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